Bacon & Bloodys 2015


The event took place on June 13, 2015, starting at 10:30AM until around 8:00PM.

Appetizers prepared:

Main dishes:

  • Smoked pork "butt" shoulder sandwiches with vinegar-based coleslaw and BBQ sauce
  • Pulled pork sandwiches
  • Hamburgers (with both standard & candied bacon)


This was the first year in which the event had a "website" for registration, and follow-up information (like what you are reading here). To see the site as it was for the 2015 event, you can click here.


The event raised $1,700.92.

All contributions were donated to the Chanhassen Library[1] on June 19, 2015, designated to be used for Children's Programming at the Chanhassen Library.

You can view a picture of the form that was submitted here.

[1] Technically the donation goes to the "Library Foundation of Carver County (LFCC)" organization, the organization which handles donations for the Chanhassen Library (and other "Friends" groups).

Some stats

Money raised
Adults present
Kids present
Bacon smoked
Bacon prepared
Bags of ice


You can download all the photos from the event here.