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Bacon & Bloodys

Homemade Bacon. Bloody Marys.

Pretty much all you need to know, right?

Non-committers can scroll down.

Sounds amazing. Tell me more.

The "Bacon & Bloodys" party is an annual event to start the summer off on the right foot. It started as a random gathering of a few friends and has since grown to be a small neighborhood gathering.

The hosts cure and smoke homemade bacon to be consumed in various ways throughout the event (with other, more filling food items as well). Guests are encouraged to indulge in beverages of their preference.

The food and drinks are provided by the hosts, with donations graciously accepted if you like. All donations are donated to the Chanhassen Public Library.

Think of it as "imbibing for the community".

That's right…you can feel good about partaking…it's for the kids.

You like helping kids read, don't you?

Are kids welcome?


Babysitters are provided for the first 4 hours of the event. After that, parents can pool money and try to convince the babysitters to stick around longer if they like.

Note that this is an outdoor event and everyone, including kids, will be outside for the duration (other than for use of the "facilities"). If your child hates outdoor games, fresh air, and grass...this may not be the event for them.

Lastly, although there are babysitters present, ultimately parents are responsible for their kids. If a kid skins their knee, it's not on us or the babysitters. We try to take the a reasonable amount of responsibility off the parents so they can have a good time, but it's not a day off.

What should I bring?

Nothing. Food and drinks (including alcohol) are provided. If you really want to contribute, please consider making a donation.


Tom & Jenny Kersten's house. Need more info? Directions will be included in the invitations.

When is this blessed event?

It starts on June 13, 2015 at 10:30AM and goes all day.

Anything else?

Have we mentioned we'd like you to give us your email if you plan to attend? ;-)

Even if you know us, know about the event, have told us in person that you plan to come, and we know your email would rock if you would just submit it here as well. It adds you to a list we will send information to so you can stay in the loop…and just keeps the logistics of the event a lot easier for us.

So, be cool and fill out the form with your email address.

See you soon.