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Tournament Trophy

Register for the Yard Game Tournament here.

Yard game tournament?

16 teams. Four games. Great prizes for the winners.

$40 per team.

The Rules

  • Tourney starts at 12:30PM and is expected to be done no later than 2:30PM. Please arrive at least 10-minutes early to ensure check-in and payment has been taken care of.
  • Both team members must be present to start and $40 fee paid per team (cash or credit card). If both members are not present, the spot will be forfeited to the next team on the waiting list until there are no teams left on the list. If we run out of teams on the wait list to cover teams, the opposing team will be given a bye.
  • If one team member must leave before the tournament is over, a replacement member of the same gender as the departing member can be recruited. In other words, the team must remain a mixed team.
  • There will be four games, single elimination each round. Games are:
    • Bags
    • Washers/Polish Horseshoes
    • Kubb
    • Yard Jenga